Sex cases has reduced significantly in financial year 2020 compared to previous financial year 2019.

The Ministry of Police annual report says that Sexual violation or rape cases dropped 31 percent for the year under review. the data says in 2019 there were 32 cases but for 2020 it dropped to 22 cases.

Cases involving girls under the age of 16 also decreased by 44 percent. For the year under review there were 10 cases reported compared to 18 cases in 2019.

There was one incases case that was reported in the year under review compared to 11 cases in the past.

Sex cases was lamented by the Ministry as a major concern in the past due to the numbers of reported cases.

For sexual cases involving girls under the age of 12 also decreased to two cases compared to five cases previously.

The annual report for the Ministry of Police also highlighted that Criminal Offences has increased by 20 percent and this is due to various awareness which reflects public trust and confidence in reporting criminal matters to police.

Traffic Offences have increased by 49 percent, which reflects high police visibility in public places, frequent roadblocks conducted and strict law enforcement to prevent vehicle accidents.

Another issue highlighted by the Ministry of Police is a continuing increase of vehicles being imported resulting in more traffic congestion and leading to more traffic accidents. Police Assistance has also increased by 11 percent compared to FY 2018/2019. This is an indication of public dependency, confidence and trust on police to assist in resolving matters.