In two weeks time, the managed isolation period for international arrivals into New Zealand will reduce from 14 days to 7 days.

This is to be followed by isolation at home until the result of a day nine test has been received.

This mandate will be effective on 14 November 2021 and it includes travellers from Samoa.

The New Zealand Government says that people who enter Managed Isolation and Quarantine from 1 to 13 November can expect to receive specific communications about their own facility’s plan for releasing people who are on day 7+ on 14 November.

This is because a low-risk indicator check and health check will be required before people can leave managed isolation.

People will be required to isolate at home until they have taken a test on day 9 and been notified of the result.

They will be given clear guidance on what’s required when they depart MIQ.

It will include considerations such as guidance to support self-isolation, further testing, how to manage tasks from home (such as shopping) and connection to primary health care. Further information will be provided by the Ministry of Health prior to the change coming into effect.

Note that, once the 7-day stay in MIQ is complete, people may travel to another location to complete their self-isolation as long as they comply with the relevant infection prevention and control measures, such as wearing a mask and scanning.

Any positive cases following the 7-day stay in MIQ will be treated like any other community case under the Ministry of Health public health programme, which may or may not result in a return to MIQ.