A man has been charged with the murder of his younger brother in Safa'i, Savai’i last night.

This is a result of a “rover” drinking session that turned violent Wednesday night.

This is according to Acting Police Commissioner Leitaualesa Samuel Afamasaga in response to questions from Radio Polynesia.

The Acting Commissioner says the 36 year old accused had since been charged with murder, earlier today.

According to reports from Police, the brothers were drinking together, and they had a verbal disagreement.

The younger brother, who is 26 years old, fetched a machete and struck his older brother, who fell unconscious.

When the accused woke up, he fetched a large piece of wood or amo, then searched for his younger brother. It's alleged he was found near the road and the accused struck his brother. He died due to the severity of head injuries.

The accused also suffered severe cuts on his arms and back from the machete attack earlier.

The accused is now in the custody of the Police.