The Assistant CEO, of the Ministry of Justice and Courts Administration, Aumua Ronnie Fereti has been appointed as the internal investigating officer in the case against Court Registrar Victory Lesa.

Aumua told Radio Polynesia in an interview the delay in the investigation was that four other ACEO’s initially tasked to investigate this matter have all declared their conflict of interest.

At the ending of his duties as Acting CEO when the Justice Chief Moliei Simi Vaai was overseas, he’s now been appointed to oversee the investigation.

The investigation was launched after complaints by the Ministry of Police and Prisons was lodged over the conduct of Deputy Registrar Victory Lesa in relation to the release of drug defendant Rodney Crichton back in December.

In January, Deputy Commissioner Auapaau Logoitino Filipo wrote to Attorney General, Su’a Hellene Wallwork noting this is not the first time, Lesa has had “issues” with the Police.

As a result an arrangement was made with the Justice Ministry prohibiting Lesa to conduct any remanding procedure for police suspects and in particular drug related crimes.

Repeated efforts were made to get comments from Lesa but he’s yet to reply to calls to the office and messages.

The Police accuses the Deputy Court Registrar Lesa of “playing with the justice system” when he bailed Crichton.

Aumua told Radio Polynesia their investigation should be completed by the end of the week.

"And that will determine whether this matter will be referred to the Public Service Commission for further actions.

“Its a lengthy process and at the same time, we have to give the Registrar the opportunity to respond to the claims,” said Aumua.

The ACEO also confirmed that Lesa is still working and the investigation has not affected his employment status.