Samoa’s notorious escapee Pati Chong Nee remains on the run since 2019.

The Ministry of Police and Prisons, remain mum on the status of this matter. Its unclear as to any latest action taken to find this convicted felon, who escaped from jail over two years ago.

Chong Nee was serving time on a number of theft and burglary cases in the Country.

He remains on the Ministry of Police and Prisons “Wanted Persons” list.

Repeated efforts to get comments from the Minister of Police Faualo Harry Schuster have been unsuccessful.

Pati Chong Nee took off on foot when the prison was at its old compound in Tafaigata, during a church service at the prison.

At the time of the escape, Chong Nee took off with Aniseko Vaelei.

The men were implicated in a chain of armed robberies at the time. Vaelei however was recaptured in Tapatapao and was charged for the robberies he was involved with Chong Nee.

Vaelei was sentenced in November, 2019 for the robberies, they committed while on the run.

During sentencing of Vaelei, the court pointed out they were armed and entered a family home where only two young girls, aged 4 and 7 years, were present in Moamoa. They threatened them with a knife and helped themselves to food on the family’s dining table.

Vaelei and Chong Nee then robbed a Chinese resident at Vailoa where a five-year-old girl spotted them and woke up her parents.

When her father went to check, the men were both armed with machetes, caught him, choked him and dragged him downstairs. The wife was also assaulted by the men; while their son was held at knifepoint and the men took off with $60,000.

Pati Chong Nee, from the villages of Aleisa and Vaitele Fou was also serving time for theft and burglary.