The President of the Logoipuiali’i Youth Organisation, Va’ai Nah Folasa continues his fight to ban the locally manufactured spirit, namely Rover Vodka from the local market.

In a statement issued, Vaai said the Liquor Board needs to recall from sale, all Rover and similar cheap rocket fuel drinks.

The Rover Vodka is a product of the Pacific Rainbow Liquor Company Ltd, owned by Wu Wei, according to the Ministry of Commerce Industry and Labour registry for businesses.

Radio Polynesia made repeated efforts, such as emails and calls to the registered numbers, but there has been no response.

The call stems from an incident out of Savaii where a man has been charged for the alleged murder of his brother following a rover drinking session.

The Chairman of the Liquor Board, Deputy Prime Minister Tuala Tevaga Ponifasio told Radio Polynesia on Wednesday that a Special Taskforce has been appointed by the Liquor Board to “investigate” a number of complaints against the locally manufactured spirits across the Country.

The taskforce are made up of Chief Executive officers from the Ministries, a representative from the Ministry of Police, certified scientist from the Scientific Research Organisation of Samoa (SROS) and members of the community.

Vaai noted the need for the liquor board to find out the exact chemical composition of these drinks and that a full and thorough investigation needs to be undertaken of the manufacture, contents and alcoholic volume of these drinks including tests by SSROS.

As reported earlier the Deputy Prime Minister said, preliminary investigations by the SROS after testing spirits samples a number of times found “no impurities”.

Furthermore Vaai calls for a broad consultation process needs to be undertaken with government ministries, suppliers, retailers as well as plus mental health experts, emergency services, community support groups, and village councils.

There is also a need to develop clear policies and strategies for the regulated sale and consumption of all types if alcohol. Prohibit the sale of beverages where necessary, said Vaai.

He said there is an need for aggressive public information campaign which goes beyond the concepts of responsible drinking and drink driving.

President Vaai also recommended to develop an informative education program to be included in the school curriculum especially senior secondary levels and to create and support rehabilitation programs for people with alcoholic addiction.