The Samoa Victim Support Group hailed their partnership with the Ministry of Police and Prisons a success in 2021.

However there is still room for improvements.

Last month the members of the Ministry met with SVSG to discuss their outstanding cases, the issues they encountered, the delay in the service, and the need to improve their partnership for the protection of children and women.

The SVSG was established in 2005 with a mission to provide integrated, personalised, professional service to all survivors of crime.

To date, the SVSG has assisted thousands victims of sexual crimes.

Initially set up to care, support, and help victims of sexual crimes, however after the first few cases it handled, the SVSG extended its arms to embrace victims in any area of need, whether it be domestic violence, harassment in the work place, victims of poverty, etc.

President of the SVSG, Silinuu Lina Chang told Radio Polynesia the working partnership with the Police has to be strengthened given they work they do on the daily basis. She added they need to support each other, for many different cases that come through SVSG.

Also to ensure assistance for the people.

It is a partnership that our community has confidence in it,but still room for improvement.