Police are having a hard time trying to control traffic this evening, by 6pm cars including taxis were already on the road and small shops were open for business.

Radio Polynesia stopped by a store in Alamagoto and owner says the lockdown as per the Prime Minister was from Saturday 6pm to Monday 6pm.

“We didn’t know there was an extension of the lockdown until the Police Officers showed up asking to close the shop as the lockdown has been extended.

"I'd think the announcement would have been aired prior to 6pm.”

On Sunday the National Emergency Operation Committee warned the public that failure to comply with the Nation Wide 48-hour Lockdown restrictions, comes with consequences and you will liable with a $2,000 fine without reprieve.

Failure to comply with the Lockdown restrictions will also place Samoa’s 200,000 plus residents in harm’s way.

Secretary to Cabinet and Chairman of the National Emergency Operation Center Agafili Tomaimano Shem Leo said the legal powers inked in the Letters of the COVID19 State of Emergency Orders it is mandatory for face masks to be worn in public and the rest of the restrictions.

“The binding restrictions to comply to the letter is due to the potential collateral damages to our country especially the lives of our residents, now at high risk,” he added

At the intersection in Vaimoso, Police issued citations against taxi drivers that refused to adhere the lockdown. More than 40 cars were on the road by 6:30pm.

Police officers had to start new checkpoints in Tuanaimato and others parts of the Country to inform the public the lockdown has not been lifted rather its extended.

Prime Minister Fiame Naomi Mata’afa made a special announcement quarter to 6pm, regarding the extension of the lockdown to Thursday, in light of the five new COVID 19 cases of front line workers.

To date, the confirmed cases in Samoa is now 20.