The Samoa Fire and Emergency Service Authority (S.F.E.S.A.) continue to provide services to all emergency responses as requested by the public through the 911 National Emergency Call Center (N.E.C.C.) since the national COVID-19 lockdown begins on Saturday, 22nd January 2022.

The Authority have been attentive for all calls and were referred and consult with the Moto’otua Hospital Emergency Department for advice before transferring them for medical treatment. S.F.E.S.A.’s continuous role ensure the public safety with compliance with the Standard of Emergency (S.O.E.) Orders.
More than 30 S.F.E.S.A. Ambulance Response requests from the public recorded since the beginning of the nationwide lockdown until Monday morning, 24th January 2022. Also note, no other emergency apart from ambulance requests.
The public is respectfully advised to please contact the Samoa Fire and Emergency Service Authority to provide any emergency assistances with the contact number 911.
Let us work together for the safety of Samoa.