The Ministry of Police and Prisons has demoted Police Prosecutor, Kenneth Komiti two ranks down, from Inspector to Sergeant, after pleading guilty to four charges of misconduct.

This is over claims he allegedly altered court documents.

Komiti was accused of “altering” court documents and was placed on suspension last year. On Monday he was reinstated.

This was confirmed by Deputy Police Commissioner Leiataualesa Samuelu Afamasaga in an interview with Radio Polynesia.

Leiataua said the Police does not have “sufficient evidence” to proceed with criminal charges so they opted to settle this matter administratively.

“[He] was charged with four counts of misconduct in which he pleaded guilty to.

"On Friday I made decision to reinstate [Komiti] but his rank has been reduced from Police Inspector to Sergeant," said Leiataualesa.

Komiti declined to comment on the reduction of his rank but was thankful to the Ministry for giving him a second chance.

In an interview with Radio Polynesia over the phone, Komiti is "happy" to be back to work.

Komiti, was the Commanding Officer for the Police Prosecution and has been working out of the Attorney General’s office for over 10 years.

He was accused of allegedly amending police records in relation to a drunk driving case of a businessman that appeared in the District Court.

The Deputy Commissioner said its concerning was occurred as its a breach of duty and an “administration issue”.

“If the Police investigation does not procure sufficient evidence to proceed criminally, the Ministry will opt to handle it administratively.

“I cannot authorise any criminal charges because it can fire back to us and that is what we will not risk,” reiterated the Deputy Commissioner.

Adding “the Police has the burden to prove the charge beyond removable doubt and that cannot be done without sufficient evidence.”

Komiti had since been transferred from the Police Prosecution unit and now working for the General Policing Division.

Note: The story has been amended.