Government workers are due to work this morning and it is mandatory to show vaccination cards in order to work.

A statement issued by the Chair of the Public Service Commission Lauano Vaosa Epa says that Chief Executive Officers are further advised to ensure employees adhere to the restrictions including limiting Working Hours from 9 – 3pm for this week however it is subject to change.

The CEO must appropriate the number of employees to be within the workplace at any given time, but this does not apply to essential services.

Government employees must wear facial masks; showing off vaccination cards; observe social distancing.

Loan urged all government agencies must continue to follow their Business Continuity Plans to ensure that the delivery of services is, as much as possible, not disrupted.

This includes putting in place alternative work arrangements for those classified as High Risk, to ensure the safety, health and wellbeing of all employees.

Agencies are encouraged to use the COVID19 High Risk Self-Assessment Template, to determine and finalize their lists of High-Risk Staff. Where employees are authorized to work from home, reporting templates must be provided for their perusal.

Finally, Lauano says that subject to the decision of Cabinet, no adjustments should be made to an employees’ salary and entitlements.

“All CEOs are empowered to exercise statutory functions and duties provided under required legislations in line with the implementation of the Sector Preparedness and Response Matrix for COVID-19.”