Murder cases in the country increased under financial year 2020. This is revealed in the Ministry of Police and Prisons annual report.

There were 16 murder cases reported compared to 13 in the previous financial year.

The trend of incidents varied, with the number of Assault recorded for FY 2019/2020 showing an increase by 23 percent compared to FY 2018 –/2019; Causing Injury also increased by 1.4 percent; whilst Causing Serious Injury decreased by 6 percent.

Murder/ Manslaughter incidents recorded showed an increase of 23 percent, with Inquest/Deaths also increased by 5 percent.

The report says there is a slight increase in assault, causing injury, murder/manslaughter and inquests reflects that through awareness carried out by Community Engagement Unit, the public are now very much aware that police are able to assist and help in resolving such incidents.