Assistant Chief Executive Officer, Limutau Kerisimasi Amituana’i of the Ministry of Works Transport and Infrastructure’s (M.W.T.I.) has been penalised by Cabinet.

He was given a final warning and was also fined $1,000 tala, this is in connection to a Public Service Commission investigation in connection over allegations he made an inappropriate hiring decision.

This was confirmed in a Cabinet Directive leaked to the Radio Polynesia.

The Cabinet Directive FK 21-38, outlined the outcome of the Cabinet meeting over the employment position of Limutau that was discussed on 21 September, 2021.

The confidential document says, the recommendation by the PSC is to give Limutau a final warning.

Furthermore his fine of $1,000 will be deducted from his salary.

The PSC found Limutau to have “improperly manipulated the recruitment and selection process”.

Hans Fa’auuga Iere filed an appeal against the appointment of Lupeotalalelei Tipi to the position of Senior Strategic Planning Officer as part of their investigation.

Ms. Tipi was the Assistant Secretary to Magele Hoe Viali – at the time he was C.E.O. of the Samoa Airport Authority.

Magele has since gone on to become the Chief Executive Officer of the M.W.T.I.

The PSC overturned the decision and appointed the Hans to the position.

The Cabinet Directive 21-38 concluded by directing the PSC to be thorough with their investigation involving Government employees.

Furthermore, Cabinet said the PSC should investigate everyone implicated whether the involved -quote- direct or indirect involvement -unquote.

The PSC should also expand their investigations standard so that everyone iallegeldy involved will be subjected to the investigation.

Limutau was appointed to the A.C.E.O.’s position in 2019 and is head of the Planning and Urban Management Agency or PUMA.

This division oversees the country's urban development and issues development consents and permits for buildings and structures of all kinds. It also regulates construction sites and the conduct of builders and inspects building sites.