The Samoa Trust Estate Corporation Minister, Laauli Leautea Schmidt has expressed disappointment over the theft and vandalising of government property in Mulifanua.

Hence the move by the new administration to take legal action against the culprit(s).

The Minister told Radio Polynesia they have zero tolerance for unbecoming behaviour of people stealing government property referring to the four missing cows from the Mulifanua cattle farm.

He said the matter has been referred to the Ministry of Police and Prisons for a criminal investigation, as this has been on going for years and yet no action was taken.

Cabinet has approved a directive for reforms and the restructuring of the STEC to ensure the operation is a success and in turn beneficial, said Laauli.

He reiterated that this issue has been ongoing for years and yet its been downplayed but that will not happen under his watch.

The Minister then appealed to the villages around the area to consider these are government properties.

Furthermore the Minister said that under the new administration, they will not hesitate to terminate any of the STEC staff if found they were part of it and it does not matter who it is, they will be subjected to the law.

“If it means [terminating] employees up to the management, we will do it as these are long standing issues,with STEC.”

He added there are pending unsolved stealing cases from past that have not been settled.

Acting Police Commissioner, Auapaau Logoitino Filipo confirmed with Radio Polynesia they have received the criminal complaint and it is under investigation.