An 18 year old convicted of a range of crimes, including two counts of burglaries; two charges of theft, arson and grievous bodily harm has been sentenced to two years and three months in jail.

The defendant, Anelusi Anelusi appeared before Justice Niava Mata Tuatagaloa for sentencing on a number of burglaries, arson and assaulting a taxi driver with a hammer.

In April, this year the defendant broke into a home in Vaitele-Uta and stole a laptop valued at $1,552; two months later the defendant forcibly entered a house at Vaigaga stole a tablet, a Bluetooth speaker and a bottle of Jim Beam; valued at $1,896.

Later that day the defendant stopped a taxi to take him to Tuana’i.
When the taxi reached Tuana’i; the taxi driver turned around to Anelusi for the taxi fare when the defendant struck the driver on the head with a hammer. Anelusi then took off running.

The taxi driver sustained a deep laceration and small fracture to his head.
That same day the defendant went to a home at Afega and intentionally started a fire which caused a lot of damage to the house.

Justice Tuatagaloa pointed out the defendant was on a crime spree.
The pre-sentence report, says Anelusi lives with his mother at Afega and that he has an outstanding warrant of arrest against him from the Youth Court when he committed the offences.

Her honours took into account the defendant’s young age, however she’s also aware of his history in the Youth Court and how that Court has tried to give him various opportunities of rehabilitation but unfortunately to no avail as the young defendant continues to re-offend.

“His criminal behaviour from his current re-offending seems to be escalating.

“There is only so much the Court can do to try and have our young people rehabilitated to deter them from going down the pathway of crime, but if the family does not help out in the rehabilitation of their young person and by monitoring their movements then there is nothing anyone can do.

“We cannot continue to keep having the young offenders out in the community at the risk of people’s lives and safety.”

The defendant was sentenced to two years and three months in jail.