The Australian Minister of Health is awaiting an official response from the family of seasonal worker, Sefulu Palenapa Tauili’ili, before they can proceed with the autopsy.

This was confirmed in a report to the Minister of Public Enterprises, Leatinu’u Wayne So’oialo prepared by the Ministry of Commerce Industry and Labour in relation to the death of seasonal worker.

Sefulu passed away in Tasmania last month.

The MCIL report says that Sefulu was 27 years old and this is the first time he’s employed under the Recognised Seasonal Employment Scheme.

He was part of the team that left Samoa on the 27 November, last year for a nine month contract with Hansen Orchards Apple & Cherry Farm.

He passed away on the 27th of January.

The report says that Sefulu was asleep on their way to the hostile after work, when he suffered undiagnosed ailment and died immediately.

Furthermore the report says Sefulu did not have any medical history and that upon receiving the sad news, MCIL officials visited the family of Sefulu in Savaii and informed them officially.

As reported earlier, a service was conducted by Sefulu’s team last week to honour his memory and Team Leader Ueni Pa’uulu, said Sefulu comes from Puleia, Savaii, and is the the fifth child of seven siblings. He was the only male.

Pa'uulu said Sefulu did not show any signs of medical issues during working hours; however, on the bus heading home after work when he died.

“There were 21 of us on the bus when the incident happened and the matter is being investigated [by the Police] and we will leave it at that.

“This is difficult and somewhat unbearable. "We're here for employment in support of our families in Samoa and yet the families have to hear the tragic news that their son has passed away,” said Pa'ulu during his testimony.