Acting Chief Justice Vui Clarence Nelson has questioned the Attorney General’s grounds on the release of drug defendant Marie Fanueli on bail, but refuses to consider bail for Assistant Electoral Commissioner, Afualo Daryl Mapu, however the pair are jointly charged.

Afualo and Fanueli were arrested and charged last December, following a raid in Nu’u where baggies of methamphetamine or ice were found, along with drugs paraphernalia; weapons and cash.

The pair are jointly charged with six criminal charges, according to the charging document first charge is possession of narcotics whereas five baggies of methamphetamine weighing at 1.6 grams was discovered; possession of utensils in relation to two glass pipes commonly use to smoke ice; possession of unlawful weapon; a 9 millimetre pistol; 22 pistol semi automatic; 22 pistol revolver; magnum pistol revolver.

Other charges are possession of unregistered firearms of a gauge shotgun and 22 rifle semi automatic; possession of unlawful live ammunition and possession of ammunition without permit.

During the hearing, Defence lawyer, Tofilau Leone Sua-Mailo submitted to the court sworn affidavits to support Afualo’s bail application which was opposed by prosecutor Elizabeth Titi.

Ms Titi told the court, the grounds of her opposition is outlined in their submission which points to the evidence against Afualo.

Hearing is now postponed to Friday, to allow for a virtual hearing as Afualo was not allowed to enter the courtroom; he has not been fully vaccinated.