Eight people, including Chiefs from Manono were slapped with citation tickets in Savaii this week when they took a boat and travelled to Salelologa for a funeral, during the lockdown at the time domestic travel was prohibited.

It is a $200 fine for each citation.

This was confirmed by Assistant Police Commissioner, Galumalemana Papali’i Eneliko Taeu overseeing the Savaii outpost in an interview with Radio Polynesia over the phone.

He said the public needs to be reminded the State of Emergency Orders applies through all of Samoa including Savai’i, not just Upolu.

The Police will not hesitate to take appropriate actions when it comes to the law.

Galumalemana said the men and the owner of the boat have been warned, they need to heed the SOE orders.

The Assistant Police Commissioner also expressed concerns over members of the public travelling to Upolu for neglecting the orders pertaining to children.

He said they had to turn away a number of people at the wharf as their children are not allowed to board the ferry.

Furthermore, Galumalemana said the Samoa Shipping Corporation should also limit the number of ticket they issue to ensure that social distancing is adhered.

They can only enforce the SOE orders on the wharf, but not on the ferry.

Efforts were made to get direct comments from the Chief Executive Officer of the Samoa Shipping Corporation; Leiataualetauā Samuel Decca Phineas were unsuccessful.

Overall for Sava’ii Galumalemana said the public adhered the lockdown, and they issued warnings to public reminding them of the lockdown hours.

Regarding the zoning policy the Ministry of Police and Prisons put in place does not apply to Savaii. Galumalemana said not all the shops are available in the respective districts, as well as financial institutions.