In the spirit of peace and harmony within the Country and efforts to end the ongoing divisions as a result of the electoral crisis the Country has been subjected to has prompted the FAST to withdraw its criminal complaint made against the Deputy leader of the HRPP Fonotoe Lauofo Pereira.

This is confirmed in a letter obtained by Radio Polynesia written by FAST lawyer Muriel Lui to the Ministry of Police and Prisons, Acting Police Commissioner, Leiataualesa Samuelu Afamasaga dated 7 February, 2022.

This is over claims of interference with petition witnesses during the election petition against him filed by To’omata Norah To’omata.

“My client has considered that in the promotion of peace and harmony within our Country and in trying to end the ongoing divisions caused by the electoral crisis our Country has been subjected to, for the better part of the last year, as well as in the overall interests of moving forward together and concentrating on more pressing issues such as the current COVID-19 pandemic they have decided to withdraw their complaint against Laufoo and will not be pursuing the complaint any further,” said Lui in her letter.

The Defence Counsel further asked the Ministry of Police and Prisons to discontinue any progress based on the complaint filed by her client.

They apologised if resources have already been expended by the Police to investigate this matter and they appreciate efforts and role of the law enforcement.

However it is in the best interests of all parties of the country and the Police in terms of having resources to now disregard and discontinue this complaint.