A father of three has been convicted before an assessors trial for sexual connection involving an eight year old girl.

Vito Nauer was found guilty on two counts of sexual connection and each charge carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment on Tuesday.

Chief Justice his Honour Satiu Simativa Perese presided the two day trial.

Prosecuting this matter was Fuifui Ioane of the Attorney General’s office while Nauer was represented by Fuimaono Sarona Ponifasio.

The three prosecution witnesses that took the stand to testify, were the victim and her parents.

The court heard the incident occurred on two separate occasions. The victim says the first incident the defendant were in the living with his children watching television when he touched her inappropriately. The second incident its defendant allegedly made the victim watch pornography and proceed to touch her inappropriately on two separate occasions.

The assessors deliberated a little over an hour before the returned with a guilty verdict.

He was taken into the custody of the police on Tuesday after the guilty verdict was announced.

He scheduled to appear for sentencing on 26 of November.