Minister of Justice and Courts Administration, Matamua Vasati Pulufana has flatly denied the request by the President of the Lands and Titles Court, to reconsider the suspension of its court proceedings.

In her latest correspondence to the LTC, which was obtained by Radio Polynesia, dated 22 February Minister Matamua said there is no reasonable, or indeed any basis to reconsider her decision.

Adding that her request for the court to consider the postponing of the start date for the hearings scheduled on 21 February given the serious concerns that potentially affects the integrity of the Court proceedings if the appointment of all Judges including the President of the LTC have been revoked by secant 67(b) of the Lands and Titles Act 2020.

LTC President Fepuleai Atilla Ropati in earlier correspondencesays to put on hold the implementation of the law would be to delay justice guaranteed to the people of Samoa who already have matters before the Court.

But the Minister is adamant the suspension of LTC proceedings is the most sensible thing to do at this stage.

The concerns by the LTC President in previous correspondence he was forced to “adjourn matters” due to the lack of support staff who were “instructed and warned” to refrain from associating with LTC activities “a clear indication that the work of the LTC is being sabotaged”

But the Minister clarified that she did not give any direction in relation to the operation of the LTC and there is no intention for the Executive to encroach on the work of the Judiciary.

Fepuelai noted he is “gravely concern” with the Ministers approach and what appears to be “misguided legal advice” and urged that she reconsider her position and allow the continuance of the implementation of the law as they are and the operations of the LTC until such time as Parliament passes laws to do otherwise.

However the Minister in response stated they sought and received advice from the Attorney General who is the constitutional law officer responsible for providing the government and the Head of State legal representation.