The Chief Executive Officer of the Samoa Tourism Authority, Suifua Lenata’i Fa’amatuainu has denied claims of a $10,000 contract solely awarded to his person carpenter for a small project for the STA.

This are part of the claims outlined in one of the three complaint letters submitted to the Minister of Samoa Tourism Authority, Toesulusulu Cedric Schuster agains Suifua.

The CEO has questioned the timing of the complaint letters filed against him by his subordinates.

Suifua told Radio Polynesia the complaint letters surfaced at the time his contract has ended and he’s re-applied for another three years to carry out his work as Chief Executive Officer.

Suifua had since retain legal representation to assist him in this matter.

“Its shocking what has occurred and the due diligence process has to follow through, meaning I will await official word from the Minister as to what is the next move.

But an investigation is inevitable to determine the facts of the claims,” said Suifua.

Radio Polynesia obtained three of the complaints lodged to the Minister of the STA, Toesulusulu Cedric Schuster over claims of Government properties allegedly taken to his residences, such as cements, roofing iron, wood and tiles.

In which Suifua denied taking any part in removing of Government properties.

Furthermore the complaints alleges that Suifua used vulgar language against his staff, the CEO also denied in an interview with Radio Polynesia.

Toesulusulu has yet to comment on questions posed, but But the Minister of Public Enterprises, Leatinu’u Wayne So’oialo told Radio Polynesia that three letters has surfaced to his office, given the STA is under the umbrella of the State Owned Enterprises.