(Photo: Outgoing CEO of MCIT, Fualau Talatalaga Mata'u. PC: Parliament of Samoa)

Cabinet refused the proposal by the Public Service Commission to extend the contracts for the Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Fualau Talatalaga Mata’u Matafeo and CEO for the Ministry of Works Transport and Infrastructure, Magele Hoe Viali; and their contracts came to an end.

This was confirmed by Prime MInister Fiame Naomi Mata'afa in a press conference with the media.

Contrary to earlier reports the extension of their contracts were terminated. The error is regretted.

A Cabinet Minister told Radio Polynesia, the Cabinet is abiding by the contractual obligations stipulated in the contract, that once its finished there will be no more extension.

The Public Service Commission was supposed to advertise the CEO position six months before the contract ends, however that was not done, says the Minister.

In December the Public Service Commission made a submission to Cabinet for a three months extension to allow for the normal process, such as advertising the positions, which was approved.

Fast forward to today, the PSC has yet to complete the process for the CEO positions, hence the Cabinet move last week to terminate the extension of the contract; release the CEO’s while they re-apply for their position if they wish to do so, at the same time allow for the PSC to complete the normal process.

Magele and Talatalaga’s last day at the office was last Friday, both have cleared their personal belongings from their offices.

Last week, the Commission of the Public Service Commissioner, Lauano Vaosa Epa in response to question from Radio Polynesia says that all matters/conditions relating to employment of Government Contractual Officers are issues strictly confidential to the Public Service Commission and Cabinet and not to be divulged to any unrelated party(s).