The Regulator has defended the move to add $5,000 tala on top of the $18,000 tala monthly tariffs for three of the seven TV stations in the Country.

The new $23,000 monthly tariffs targeting TV1, TV3 and TVEFKS will be effective next month.

According to a presentation conducted by Regulator Gisa Fuata’i Purcell, during a meeting with the local broadcasters, the decision to increase the tariff following a review of the audited accounts of the three TV stations, of total assets of more than $4.7 million which is also 92 percent of the total assets values of seven broadcasters.

In a brief interview with Radio Polynesia over this matter, Purcell had this to say.


The presentation says that other broadcasters will continue to pay $18,000 on a monthly basis, including the Government’s TV station.

The move did not sit well with owner of the TV1, Galumalemana Faiese Matafeo.

She said the new fees are "ridiculous" and discriminatory.

“We feel like we have been singled out.

“We are getting the same service from SDCL as all other commercial broadcasters are, yet we are asked to pay more for the same kind of service.

"There is absolutely no justification for the increase in tariff for a selected number of broadcasters other than the fact that we seem to be operating better than the other commercial broadcasters, which is ridiculous," said Galuemalemana.

In 2018 Cabinet approved Samoa Digital Company Ltd to oversee the switchover from analog to digital broadcasting systems in Samoa, and their initial monthly tariff set in 2019 was $35,759 monthly tariff, however under the previous Administration it was reduced down to $18,000 per month.