Members of the Human Rights Protection Party have supported the move by the FAST Administration to repeal the imposition of taxation on Church Ministers, but they also made suggestions for Parliament’s consideration to exempt all Church Ministers, even those working in the Church as well as the Head of State, from paying taxes.

Member of Parliament Sulamanaia Tauili’ili Tuivasa said in the beginning he was against the bill, but when it was approved in Parliament it was the law of the land and should be obeyed.

One denomination objected the law; that eventually led to the charges being filed against them.

He said that laws approved in Parliament has one slogan that should be followed “submit and obey”.

Sulamania then appealed to the FAST Administration to repeal the taxation of the Head of State which was approved into law together with the Church Ministers. Also what will happen to the Church Ministers that have already paid their paxes which amounted close to half a million and stated it should be refunded.

The MP expressed support in removing of the taxation of church ministers, but suggested to remove the taxes for the Head of State as well.

MP Peseta Vaifou reminded the Government as to why revenue collection is vital in any Country to ensure there are developments and financial assistance available such as the pensioners, this is another product of the tax revenues.

Lealailepule Rimoni Aiafi also suggested to exempt all Church Ministers and for the Government to refund the Church Ministers who paid their taxes.