The Ministry of Police and Prisons fight against hard drugs in the Country continues with another drug raid tonight in Faatoia.

A man and a woman were arrested as a result of the raid where police discovered drugs paraphernalia, including pipes used to smoke ice; baggies to pack ice; guns, cell phones, live ammunition and $5,000 tala.

Police officers who are not allowed to speak to the media confirmed the raid with Radio Polynesia as calls to Acting Police Commissioner Auapaau Logoitino Filipo were declined.

Auapaau hung up on Radio Polynesia when contacted for a comment, noting "he's busy and doesn't have time for questions".

Not long after the Ministry of Police posted a press release on their social media page outlining what was seized during the raid.

This is the second raid in the span of two weeks.

Last month the police raided a family home in Nu'u and landed the Assistant Electoral Commissioner Afualo Darryl Mapu behind bars facing drugs charges with another his co-worker Marie Fanueli.

At that raid police found ice among other illegal contraband.